Management Policy

A.Henriques, dedicated to the manufacture of technical articles in rubber and plastic with small assemblies for the automotive and other industries, and intending to be a prestigious company – – is committed to maintaining a course to achieve Quality and to protect the Environment. For such:

It complies with all obligations of conformity, namely:
• legal requirements applicable to the product and the environment;
• costumer and other specific requirements;
• requirements applicable to environmental aspects.

It identifies and addresses risks associated to:
• costumer satisfaction;
• environmental protection, including pollution prevention, minimizing resource consumption and waste generation.

Commits to human resources by:
• fostering team spirit and communication as promoters of employee motivation;
• promoting employee awareness to achieve quality objectives and minimize environmental impacts;
• developing skills through formation;
• promoting the health and safety of its employees.

Develops partnerships with suppliers.

It promotes the system-by-process approach, committing to continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Integrated Management System and environmental performance.

T (+351) 256 201 450
F (+351) 256 832 804

T (+351) 256 201 450
F (+351) 256 832 804